Professor Tim Delgman

Tim Delgman, 10th dan

Tim received the bulk of his jujitsu training from Master Professor Duke Moore (the founder of Zen Budokai) who ranked him an 8th degree black belt. Tim has also trained to the black belt level in karate with the late John Pereira. His judo black belt was earned with Dr. Neil Laughlin.

Tim is a San Francisco native and has been teaching and training in the martial arts for over 25 years. He has been included in Loren Christensen’s book The Way of the Warrior as well as a 1989 Karate International piece on choke holds. Tim’s martial arts involvement is based on his strong interest in both self-defense and art.

In October 2004, according the wishes of Professor Duke Moore and in recognition of his mastery of Zen Budokai Aiki Jujitsu, Tim Delgman was promoted by the senior leadership to Soke (head) of Zen Budokai.


Classes Suspended

Due to COVID-19, Zenbudokai Aikijujitsu is not currently conducting in-person classes. We hope to be back on the mat as soon as it is safe for all. We will post on this website as soon as we have a re-opening date. If you’d like to get in touch, please visit our Contact page.

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